Entry #1

Under rated moody inFamous artist

2016-10-13 20:10:58 by Robsxas

Hi there, I´m Robsxas and I'm an independent artist. Most of my skills has been developed by myself watching different artists of the industry. I have a degree in traditional arts and videogames has been my inspiration to improve my techniques. Most of my work, focus on portrayed womans implementing different elements of fantasy. I loved to make fictional characters too and from time to time I do photomanipulation. My favorite platforms is 3d combined with 2d since I can create more complex figures.

If you like my work, please leave your comments and you can find more about me and my work in Facebook, Instragram and Twitter.

Also you can support me on Patreon and I promise you will obtain many surprises.


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2016-10-14 09:19:07

Welcome to NG Robsxas! Really promising work so far, looking forward to what more you might be producing. :)

Robsxas responds:

Thank you for the welcome. I´m glad to be part of this Community. :)